About the Journal

Focus And Scoped

Jurnal Ekonomi Pejuangan (JUMPER) is a journal that facilitates researchers to publish scientific articles. Jumper's aim is to promote scientific articles that focus on accounting and management. Manuscript articles can come from researchers, academics, practitioners, lecturers, students and other observers who are interested in research in the field of accounting or management. JUMPER invites manuscripts in the various topics include :

Financial Accounting,

Sharia Accounting,


Accounting Information System,


Behavioral Accounting,

Management Accounting,


Public Sector Accounting,

Operational Management,

Human Resources Management,



And other relevan on accounting and management


Guidelines for Writing Articles

General requirement:

  • Articles in the form of research, thinking, scientific analysis, or the study of the theory in the field of accounting and finance.
  • Articlesare not being submitted to journals / other publications and has never been published in the journal / other publications.
  • Articlesposted to include the author's name, institution and e-mail  Articles written in the format of Microsoft Word 2007 and 2010.
  • Articles writtenshould be based on the 
  • Editorreserves the right to edit the grammar and spelling of the text contained without reducing or changing the intent of writing.


Peer Review Procces

All manuscripts submitted to this journal must follow Focus and Scope and Author Guidelines of this journal. The submitted manuscripts must fulfill scientific merit or novelty appropriate to the focus and scope of this journal. All manuscripts submitted to this journal can be written in Indonesian or English.

All manuscripts submitted will be tested for plagiarism using Turnitin software and must be free of plagiarism content.

All submitted manuscripts are read by the editorial staff. The Journal operates a peer review process and promotes blind reviewing. For each manuscript will be reviewed by two reviewers. The acceptance or rejection of articles will be decided by the editorial boards based on the review results supplied by the reviewers. There are no communications between authors and editors concerning the rejection decision. Authors whose papers are rejected will be informed with the reasons of the rejection.


Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge


Publication Frequency

Jurnal Ekonomi Perjuangan (JUMPER) published two times a year (July and December). Every issue consisted of 5 to 7 articles.