Focus and Scope

Jurnal Ekonomi Pejuangan (JUMPER) is a journal that facilitates researchers to publish scientific articles. Jurnal Ekonomi Perjuangan (JUMPER) published two times a year (June and December). Every issue consisted of 5 to 7 articles. Jumper's aim is to promote scientific articles that focus on accounting and management. Manuscript articles can come from researchers, academics, practitioners, lecturers, students and other observers who are interested in research in the field of accounting or management. JUMPER invites manuscripts in the various topics include :

  1. Financial Accounting,
  2. Sharia Accounting,
  3. Finance,
  4. Accounting Information System,
  5. Auditing,
  6. Behavioral Accounting,
  7. Management Accounting,
  8. Taxation,
  9. Public Sector Accounting,
  10. Operational Management,
  11. Human Resources Management,
  12. Marketing,
  13. Entrepreneurship, And other relevan on accounting and management