Author Guidelines

AGROSCRIPT Journal of Applied Agricultural Sciences is covering many topics consist of agronomy and horticulture, crop production, plant biotechnology, plant microbiology, plant breeding, soil science, plant protection, post harvest-handling, and soilless cultivation / hydroponics system.

Article written on format A4 paper size, Cambria 11, single space for title, abstrak and abstract, 1,5 space for content, and no footnote in the text. Manuscript written under following guidelines:

Title, using bold and capital, fonts Cambria 11, align center and single space

Authors, only original name without academic degree, font Cambria 10, single space following with affiliation in second line with email address. (More Than One Author Suggested)  

Abstract, written both in Bahasa Indonesia and English, font Cambria 10 with single space and maximum 250 characters.

Keywords, maximum 5 words, Cambria 10 with left align.

Manuscript body written with format justify, fonts 11 and 1.5 space with following:

Introduction, consisting background, hypothesis, objective and benefits of the research/experiment including references study

Materials and methods, consisting description of methodology including tool and material that has been used, also location and experimental design.

Results and discussion, description could be short and to the point including with argumentative discussion of result. Table and image in format JPEG (Font Cambria 10).

Conclusions, conclusion from whole argumentative research and can be inductive from result and discussion.

References, It is not allowed to write reference un-cited in the manuscript. Primary references (journals and proceedings) and actual references (issued in last 10 years) are over 80%. All reference mentioned should be written down alphabetically. In reference using American Physicological Association (APA) 7th edition system. The author are suggested to use application of reference management such as Mendeley/Zotero/Endnote.

Acknowledgement (if there any), written following regular standard to research sponsor either personal or institution.