Journal History

AGROSCRIPT: Journal of Applied Agricultural Sciences (E-ISSN: 2685-9491; P-ISSN: 2685-9505) is a peer reviewed that publishes research articles, review articles, and research notes related to agrotechnology in both Bahasa and English. The publishes fields consist of agronomy and horticulture, crop production, plant biotechnology, plant microbiology, plant breeding, soil science, plant protection, post harvest-handling, and soilless cultivation / hydroponics system

All manuscripts submitted to this journal must be wrtitten in Bahasa and/or English. The manuscript in Bahasa should include the titles, abstract, and keyword in English. The manuscript content based from the research or experiment maximum of the last 5 years. The accepted manuscript are required to has not been published in any journals (national ot internasional journals). The journal publishing processes through the assessment of reviewers with double blind review system. This journal has two issues in a year and it will be published in June and December.