• Sifa Marwati Universitas Galuh Ciamis
  • Muhamad Nurdin Yusuf Universitas Galuh Ciamis
  • Beniszar M. Andrie Universitas Galuh Ciamis



Kecimpring is a type of traditional snack that comes from processed cassava. An appropriate marketing strategy is also needed to maintain the sustainability of the kemcimpring business amid increasingly fierce business competition. This study aims to identify internal factors (strengths and weaknesses) and external factors (opportunities and threats), and formulate a kecimpring marketing strategy in Tasikmalaya Regency. The method used is qualitative with the type of case study. The research sample was determined intentionally considering that it is an agro-industry developing in Tasikmalaya Regency. The results showed that the internal factors that became the strength of the agro-industry were durable products, distinctive product taste, affordable prices, product labels, products without preservatives, sufficient manpower available, and strategic locations. While the disadvantages are semi-finished products, packaging is still simple, promotion needs improvement, and capital is limited. External factors that become opportunities for the kecimpring agro-industry are increasing demand, having regular customers, having a wide market segment, and having enough raw materials. Threat factors are influenced by weather and climate, price increases for production facilities, competitors from similar agro-industry, and changes in consumer tastes. Alternative strategies that can be applied are improving product quality to retain customers and increasing the quantity of products to meet the increasing number of requests.   Keywords: Kecimpring, Marketing strategy, SWOT, Traditional food

Author Biographies

Sifa Marwati, Universitas Galuh Ciamis

Agribusiness Study Program

Muhamad Nurdin Yusuf, Universitas Galuh Ciamis

Agribusiness Study Program

Beniszar M. Andrie, Universitas Galuh Ciamis

Agribusiness Study Program




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Marwati, S., Yusuf, M. N., & Andrie, B. M. (2023). MARKETING STRATEGY OF TRADITIONAL FOOD IN TASIKMALAYA DISTRICT. Jurnal Hexagro, 7(2), 175–190.