• Willy Firmansyah mahasiswa
  • Dicky Nurmayadi
  • Farhan Sholahudin


Abstract— KHZ Street. Mustofa is an area dominated by shops, trade and services, street vendors and other activities. However, the condition in the area is still lacking in proper traffic management, especially on the existing pedestrian facilities which look chaotic and unorganized as well as the presence of street vendors. The purpose of this study is to identify the characteristics of pedestrians on Jalan KHZ. Tasikmalaya City Mustofa Identify. Traffic characteristics on Jalan KHZ. Mustofa Kota Tasikmalaya. Provide an overview of the pedestrian facilities design needed on Jalan KHZ. Mustofa, Tasikmalaya City. Data collection methods used are primary data collection and secondary data collection. Primary data collection is carried out by conducting field surveys to obtain pedestrian volume, traffic volume and road variation. Secondary data collection was obtained from related agencies (Dishub Kominfo Kota Tasikmalaya). The results of the Pedestrian Characteristics Analysis show that the largest volume of pedestrians crossing the road on weekdays is at point 4 in the afternoon observation of 139 people / hour, then on holidays it is at point 7 at 140 people / hour, while for the largest volume of pedestrians along on weekdays it is at point 4 in the afternoon observation of 304 people per hour. then on holidays at the observation point 9 at noon observation of 314 people per hour. As for the traffic volume characteristics, the highest volume on weekdays occurs in afternoon observations of 1,472 pcu / hour, then on holidays occurs in the afternoon observations of 1,518 pcu / hour, with an average vehicle speed of less than 40 km / hour with the category service levels for roads B and C, as well as recommendations for Zebra Crossing facilities at 7 points with a total of 9 units.   Keywords— Characteristics, Road Service Level, and Crossing Facilities on Jalan KHZ Mustofa,  Tasikmalaya City.